Meet Our Committee

First Night - Windsor, NY was a dream for Debbie Menta, a local resident who, while raising her grandson, felt that a local, family-oriented event for New Year's Eve was needed.  Since the Binghamton First Night ceased a few years ago, there was no place for families to celebrate the coming New Year.  In 2012 we held the inaugural and very successful First Night for Windsor, NY and the fulfillment of Debbie's dream.  Please join us to celebrate the last night of 2016 and ring in 2017 as the ball drops and the church bells chime!

Click here for the schedule of events 1-7!

Click here for the schedule of events 8-13!

Debbie Menta

Chairperson Emeritus!

Elaine L. Card

First Knight Co-Chair
Entertainment Coordinator

Acclaim Insurance Agency Liaison

Sue Rambo

First Knight Co-Chair

Advertising and Promotion

Zion Episcopal Church Liaison

Lisa Henley
Executive Committee

Solicitation and Donations 

Committee Members

Lisa Henley, Solicitations and Donations

John Bagg, Signage

Jenn Barton, Our Lady of Lourdes Liasion

Zach &  Tiffany Abbott,  Bible Baptist Church Liaison

Mike Clare, Presbyterian Church Liaison

Roxanne Kark/Rebecca Randall/Kevin Rollo, Free Methodist Church Liaisons

Karen Madsen/Charles Heesh, Puppet parade coordinators

Ron Rambo Sr., Bon Fire & S'Mores

Virginia Pompeii- Windsor Community House Liasion

Nick Bush- Windsor Community House Bingo caller

Diane Wallick- Windsor Community House Trivia

Erica Urda- Sew La Te Do Liasion

Dan & Carolyn Price, History programs & Town Hall Liasion

Elaine Card, Acclaim Insurance Liasion

Jaden Lynch- 2016/2017 Teen Concert Coordinator

Craig Terrell, Windsor Fire Department Liaison

Lael Bagg/Jeannie Ditch/Jill Skinner, United Methodist Church Liaison

Jill Skinner, Hat Decorating at UMC

Bill Pesce/Lauren Floden,  Childrens Portrait Artists

Heidi Troiano/Sue Rambo, Zion Episcopal Church Liaison

George Barley, Luminaries Chairperson

Amy Epstein, First Knight Volunteer Extraordinaire

Past & Current Committee members, Liasions & Volunteers! We wouldn't be on our 5th annual event if it weren't for all of you!

AKristen Gordan Pier, Lesa Hawk Shuler

Presbyterian Church Parishioners

Free Methodist Church Parishioners

Hailey Wiggins, Joel Carle and Knights of Rock bands

Windsor Lions Club, Windsor Fire Department

Village of Windsor: Ron & Patti Harting, Tom Skinner, Diane Wallick, Bob Bennett, Dave Decker, Eric Wiedman,

Nick & Doreen Bush

Ginny Pompeii, Ana Luckert, Dan Burdick

Bill and Johanne Pesce

Baptist Church Parishioners

Celebrate Recovery Group

Elaine Card & family and Acclaim Insurance Agency staff

Zion Episcopal Church Parishioners

United Methodist Church Parishioners

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Parishioners

Ron and Alice Stone

Dave and Scott Bagg

Town of Windsor

Carolyn Price

Windsor Central School Transportation Dept.

The many volunteers who will be carrying our Puppets in the Puppet Parade.



If we have left a volunteer or group out, please forgive us.
  It is our intention to recognize all that participated and you can email us with additional parties to be recognized through the contact page. 


Do you still have questions?

Call us at 607 655-3399 or use our contact form.